The main character Ryo Hazuki, a boy who was born and raised in Yokosuka, learning martial arts from his father Iwao Hazuki, a master in Hazuki Jujitsu, grew up to be rather reckless, but with a strong sense of justice. One day when Ryo comes home, he finds a stranger forcing his father to give information on where the "Mirror" is. Though being a master in martial arts, his father was killed before Ryo's eyes, for rejecting the stranger's demand. Why did Iwao have to die, what is this "Mirror", who is this stranger......? Ryo sets off on a journey to find the answers.

Everything is so real, just as if it's another reality

The producer Yu Suzuki being persistent in pursuing reality, the human motions in Shenmue are all Motion Captured to create natural movements, and new systems such as "Time Control" and "Magic Weather" have been applied to have the time flow inside the game, and also to enable the change of weather. In Yokosuka where the story takes place, there are over 200 characters who lead their own lives based on their own life schedule, and you are able to talk to practically anyone of them in full-voice. The world of Shenmue, with it's realistic graphics, will make you feel like you are adventuring inside another real world.

From little children to experienced game fans

Players will be freely controlling the main character Ryo Hazuki, gathering information and adventuring through the story. In the process of solving mysteries, players will run into various events. For example there is the QTE (Quick Timer Event), where you are required to quickly press the buttons which will be displayed on the screen. This easy-control event where you only have to press one button, will amaze you with magnificent action. Depending on whether you succeed or fail in an event, the story will unfold in various ways. The scenario of the 1st Chapter, would equal to an amount of 20 to 30 scenarios of a two-hour movie. With control easy enough for little children to play, and with depth deep enough for experienced game fans to play, a wide range of players can enjoy Shenmue.

The first consumer game created by Yu Suzuki, the king of arcade games

Yu Suzuki, who has created huge arcade hit titles in the past such as "HangOn", "Space Harrier", "Outrun", "Virtua Fighter" and etc., has come to release his first consumer title "Shenmue", which took 5 years from the first conception. Experience the vast world which Yu Suzuki created inside "Shenmue".

What is Shenmue Passport?

By referring to the saved data of players, timely support on the game progress will be provided. Through the internet, the players can obtain information based on how far they have gone in the game, and also get their internet ranking.

Shenmue network service discontinued

Thank you for using the Shenmue Passport. Shenmue network service will ended as of April 1, 2002. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your understanding, and we hope you enjoy future SEGA-AM2 games.

*Only the [Passport] feature in Shenmue Passport will be discontinued.
[Passport] includes Shenmue World, Online Manual, Nozomifs Messages, Network Ranking, Everyonefs Space,, Data Review and Urgent Messages.

The following features will still be available: Information, Music and Theater

Inquiries: Dreamcast customer service
800 number: 1-800-USA-SEGA

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